10 Questions: Online dating with Andrea

Posted: April 20, 2016 in 10 Questions, All We Really Need Is Love, dating, interview

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I have been knowing Andrea, or “Frosty” as I call her for some years. Her (brutal) honesty, intellect, and positive outlook is always welcoming. She doesn’t know how to bullshit and I love that about her. I have interviewed Andrea for my books “Straight Dope” and “All We Really Need Is Love“, so I was jazzed to ask her about what dating is like in San Diego. Read on

  1. What’s your dating life like?

I would say it’s pretty non-existent. I dated for a little bit a couple of months ago, thought that I was ready, but I was wrong.

2. Why are you not ready?

It’s time consuming. If you are going to do online dating, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time. Much of it is seeding through emails, sending replies back, looking at other profiles…

So it’s like a part time job?

Yes it is! (laughs)

3. Lets keep it funky: why do you think you haven’t found someone?

Well it’s the timing thing, and also people say, “Well you are not on the right site, you gotta go to this one.” Also, it’s a connection thing. It’s hard to go out and meet someone that you don’t know, your friends don’t know. You are meeting a stranger and that’s really tough for me. I’m old school, so I much rather go on a date with someone my friends know or a friend of a friend.

4. What’s the worst online date you ever been online?

Well, I asked this guy to meet up and I feel that made him nervous. He then starts asking me questions about my body and is my hair color natural? He then asked what was my “Ass to stomach ratio?”

Are you serious?

Yeah (laughs). Is your stomach bigger than your ass?  My friends said that I should have been done with the conversation, but I felt I needed to meet him to let him know he should not ask that (laughs). So we meet up and he is nothing to write home about, totally average. The guy then starts telling me how much money he could make with his job, but he wasn’t. So my stomach could have been three times the size of his stomach and he still would have been a buster.

 5. What’s it like dating in San Diego?

It all depends on what kind of men you like. I prefer African American men but there are very few here. Plus there is the body type thing. I am not the skinniest, but I am not a whale either. My stomach to ass ratio is still on point, but its California, Southern California at that. It isn’t like the Mid-West where men like a little meat on their bones.

6. You think men in Southern California like the skinny minis?

They like Spinners (laughs).

7. Do you kiss on the first date?

It depends on who it is, but I would. He better not ask to kiss me. That is the lamest shit ever.

Come on though Andrea! This is the age of consent (laughs). We don’t want to violate women.

Men need to be perceptive, if she is not feeling your vibe, you should know that.

90% of all communication is non verbal…

8. Biggest turn ons?

Old school gentlemen shit: opening doors, walking on the outside of the street, stuff like that.  Being able to have a conversation. I don’t care about sports; I want to have a deep discussion. Finally, I like a nice smile. No yuck-mouths.

9. What’s your advice to men when they create online dating profiles?

Please do not type everything in all caps. Do not yell at us and be angry. Don’t put up selfies of you half naked in the bathroom.

10. Anything else?

Be honest. If you are 5’5, then put 5’5 on your profile. If it asks my weight, I am going to put down what I weigh. If someone is going to love you, they should love you for you. It doesn’t matter if you are short, fat hideous, just be who you are.


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