10 Questions: Rachel, 34

Posted: March 21, 2016 in All We Really Need Is Love

For the inaugural 10 Questions interview, I chose Rachel. She is a dynamic person that I met through my girlfriend. While we may tease each other on our eating habits (she dreads my love of McDonalds, I don’t understand her dislike for bread), Rachel and I always have a good time whenever we get together. She has a great spirit and I always love to hear about her dating adventures. Check out our conversation…

Me: What is a perfect date for you?

Rachel: I would say it would be spending time outside, having some really good food, maybe some soul food, and kinda people watch. We would have a connection as far as conversation goes, whether it be spirituality or what life is about.

What is your type of person you like to date?

Somebody that I can have a spiritual connection with. Someone that has faith and who is working on growth. I love when they have optimism and gratitude.

What is dating like for you today?

Well I had my first date in four months…

Really, due tell (laughs).

Well it was just like how I described my perfect date: We walked through the park and spent four hours chatting about ourselves, things that we enjoy, what we want, and our situations.

How did you meet him?

Tinder (laughs).

What are some of the things you found attractive about him?

Well, he was incredibly funny in a dorky way and I really liked that. He had a very interesting perspective on life, like he was in the moment kind of go with the flow guy.

Will you see him again?


What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when dating?

Expecting that the other person will fulfill anything you are lacking. And jumping to sexuality too quickly. People should get to know who I am first before trying to get laid.

Yeah I know what it’s like to be viewed as a piece of meat… (we both laugh).

Biggest turn-ons?

I like someone that is inspiring, has a good attitude, has a spiritual relationship with their higher power, and has a great natural scent.

If you’re out and you see a guy that you find attractive, will you approach him or do you expect the guy to approach you?

It flows both ways. If it is something about them, I will say something, but sometimes I will let them approach me.

Any tips for people out here searching for love?

I think the most important thing is to know what you want and not have huge expectations when you meet someone. Just enjoy the time and take it as it goes.

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