All We Really Need Is Love Press Release

Posted: March 15, 2016 in All We Really Need Is Love


All We Really Need Is Love

A compilation of relationship stories from first dates to soulmates

San Francisco, CA- LeRon Barton, Author of “All We Really Need Is Love,” recently announced the launch of “10 Questions,” an interactive social media deep dive on personal relationships. Inspired by The Beatles song “All We Need Is Love”, Barton embarked on a journey to take an honest look into relationships and how people feel about love. Barton’s new series is set to kick-off on March 21st, 2016. The series will run on Twitter under @MainlineLeRon and

In his book, “All We Really Need Is Love,” we meet Edgar, a young teenager who shares the excitement of a first love, Bill who shares the nervousness of proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Sally who traveled thousands of miles to be with her special someone, and Mark, a young man who realizes he met his soulmate. “I love talking about relationships and wanted to showcase how people feel about dating in a fun, quirky, and sometimes racy way” says Barton. His new series, 10 Questions, is a fun, flirty and occasionally serious continuation of the relationship stories in “All We Need Is Love.

LeRon not only shares countless accounts of happiness and true bliss, but his book & series also explores the unfortunate accounts of why relationships break apart with stories & questions of betrayal, divorce, and heartache. The book “All We Really Need Is Love” is available on

About LeRon L. Barton: LeRon is a writer from Kansas City, Mo. who currently resides in San Francisco, CA. He has been writing poetry, screenplays, and short stories since he was way young. LeRon’s essays have appeared in Salon, The Good Men Project, Those People, SF Bayview, Buzzfeed, Gorilla Convict, and Elephant Journal.His  first book, “Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture” was released in Feb 2013.




For more information contact Porsha C. Jackson at or 510-827-7457. LeRon Barton can be reached at,, and


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