The Road to All We Really Need Is Love Part 4

Posted: September 24, 2015 in All We Really Need Is Love, Books, Me
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In finishing “All We Really Need Is Love” I was able to talk with over 30 different people about love and romance, but also look inward to my own love life. Putting a mirror up to yourself is never easy, but it is necessary. I saw the man that I was: a young immature boy that thought manhood equated how many women you slept with  and the man that I am now: a maturish person that values relationships, honesty, and fidelity.

Writing All We Really Need Is Love at times was a great experience. This book is filled with stories of people from all walks of life – straight, gay, young, old, Black, white, long distance, first loves… almost any kind of relationship you can think of, All We Really Need Is Love has it. I had a blast writing this book. I grew as a writer, heard some pretty awesome stories, worked with my girlfriend on the editing process, and saw another project come to fruition. I am happy that LeRon Barton has another body of work done.

I am very excited about “All We Really Need Is Love.” It takes you into the world of love, romance, sadness, heartbreak, and bliss. I am excited for you all to read it. The book will be available Oct 14, 2015.




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