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Here is the cover for my new book “All We Really Need Is Love” which will be released in fall 2015.



All We Really Need is Love

When writing “All We Really Need Is Love,” I spoke to many different men and women about their dating and relationship stories. It was fascinating to hear all these stories and know that they all had one thing in common: Everyone all wanted love. This made me think about my dating and relationship history. Writing “All..” has been therapeutic. Through these stories of love and heartbreak, I was able to look at my own history and analyze where I am with love in my life.

For many years, I had looked at love and dating as a game. How many women I can meet, interact with, and wherever the day or night would take us. I wanted to remain unattached, single, and loose. I never thought committing to one woman was “fun.” All my friends in relationships, their lives seemed lame and uneventful. Why settle down with one, when there are sooooo many other women out there! I believed that, but what I did not understand is that kind of life has to end sometime. And when the life of endless dating and sleeping with her and her came to end, I was completely burnt out.

With “All We Really Need Is Love” I relive some of my most important dating and relationship moments. I had a great opportunity to speak with my first girlfriend, my first love and it was awesome. Here are two people that have not seen each other in over 18 years, talk about our relationship, what went right, wrong, our dreams, how we saw the world at 17 and 18, and we were are now. And with building on that conversation, not only did I write about that relationship, but other heartbreaks, and triumphs I have experienced. I just didn’t want “All…” to be about the joys and difficulties of dating, but I also wanted it to be a story of what I have went through. How I came from a broken hearted kid, bar hopping everywhere, to someone that really values relationships and other people’s feelings. In writing about myself, I wanted to “shed” the last remnants of that life and move forward.