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In the early stages of the creation of “All We Really Need Is Love,” I wanted to have a balanced view of love and relationships in 2015. Like my first book, “Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture,” I wanted to talk with many people from different walks of life, so I put an ad on The responses were awesome. There were many different people wanting to tell their stories about how they got married, what their significant other is like, how their ex is a jerk, and what it’s like to date. I found that people enjoyed talking about their love lives and experiences and it was an easy conversation to be had for the most part.

For “All We Really Need Is Love,” I wanted to not only hear the story of the average, “boy meets girl,” but also gay and lesbian, interracial, older/younger, class differences, and just about every kind of situation under the sun. I felt that many books didn’t capture this and hasn’t really given a platform for people that are in these relationships a chance to tell their story. I mean you can turn on the TV anytime and see a straight (mostly) white middle to upper class couple date and get married or divorced. But what about relationships that don’t look like that? How about a young Latina trying to convince her Asian boyfriend to take her back? Two poor white kids from the country, coming to the big city attempting to make love last? A black lesbian dating a biracial woman, while dealing with the racial and sexual politics in her community and with herself? I guarantee that you’ll be hard pressed to find those stories. That is part of what makes “All We Really Need Is Love” so unique. These interviews were not your garden variety, “So tell me how you met….” No, I wanted to dig deep with these folks. And by doing that, I dug into myself as well.