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I was given a chance to talk with the super awesome Dr. Brenda Wade of the Good Love podcast. We talked about my new book, All We Really Need Is Love, Race, my various essays, and life. I had a wonderful time and hope to hear from Dr. Wade very soon!

LeRon Barton: Race, Hip Hop and Love 04/28 by Dr Brenda Wade Good Love | Relationships Podcasts


Lovestory 1

Such a nice couple

When I released Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture, I immediately starting thinking about my next project. I wanted to write about something different. Working on Straight Dope, while it was an awesome experience, it took a lot out of me mentally. Talking with people that were addicted to drugs, counselors, drug dealers, and teachers that dealt with students who were addicted to drugs became mentally exhausting. Sometimes I would come home and just sit, decompress from all of the sad stories that I would hear. So for the next project I wanted to create something that was happy.

I have always liked talking about love. It is an emotion that fascinates me. Why people love, how do they fall in love, and how do you maintain love? Those questions have constantly floated through my mind. Myself, I never really had an issue with love or finding it. I consider myself an undercover romantic. I like cheesy romantic movie scenes (I watched 10 Things I Hate About You recently was smiling from ear to ear), love seeing couples being all nice to each other, and hearing people’s love stories. As a guy that wrote a book about meth addicts and the legal drug trade, writing about first dates and weddings was a welcome change.

When I began to form the foundation for the new book, I wanted to give the reader a full well rounded look into love today. Like Straight Dope, I wanted feature many different facets of relationships today. Like anything in life, there are ups and downs and in the search of love, sometime we win and sometime we lose. So the new book would have stories of heartbreak. Now the next step would be, how would I find these people that want to talk about their love lives?