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During it wasn’t funny, but after, I got a laugh

Here is a partial transcript of my interview with conservative talkshow host Jesse Lee Peterson. We got into a “sparring match” due to my piece about Homophobia. If you haven’t read it, please do yourself a favor and check it out. I wasn’t able to remember everything, so I just listed the highlights. Thank you again to JLP and his team.

So I had my interview with the Rightwing/Homophobic Radio host Jesse Lee Peterson in regards to my anti-homophobic article that has been making it’s rounds on the net. Before the interview, I did my research on Peterson and found that he was Conservative Christian who has Tea Party leanings, so I knew what I was getting into. I don’t know if the interview will be available for download, but here are the excerpts:

In the begining of the conversation –
Jesse Lee Peterson: Are you a Christian?
Me: I am baptised Catholic
JLP: Do you agree with Gay Marriage?
Me: Absolutely
JLP: Do you believe in abortion?
Me: 100%. I believe that the government should not be able to tell a woman what she can do with her body
JLP: So you think that she should have control over her body?
Me: Absolutely
JLP: Did you learn that from the Catholic Church? (obvious shot)
Me: No
JLP: (In so many words) So you think that abortion is moral?
Me: Well moral changes. What is moral for some folks, it may not be moral to another. Morality is dynamic

Talking about the article –
JLP: In your article, you say that in the Black community the man has to be very masculine and strong..
Me: Yes. I feel that coming up you have to fit in a very linear box of what a man is. But Black men come in all flavors..
JLP: It is interesting that you say flavor (he laughs – obvious shot)
Me: Well what I am saying is that we are all different. We can show emotion..
JLP: You think that is okay, to show emotion?
Me: Yeah. Every Black Man doesn’t have to be a Ray Lewis kinda of guy. He can be smooth and calm like Eric Holder or artistic like Basquiat.
JLP: You know who I think is girlie? Obama, he is a little soft. Michelle is more of a man than him..
Me: Come on fam, really?
JLP: Oh yeah.

Towards the end of the conversation (he is playing Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out and Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall – obvious shots)
JLP: Where do you live?
Me: San Francisco
JLP: (laughs) Oh boy, your in the wrong part of town
JLP:Do you think it is okay to be Gay?
Me: Yes. People should not be ashamed of who they are. One’s sexuality is a very small part of who they are.
JLP: Well if it is such a small part of who they are, why don’t they keep it to themselves?
Me: Some are much more feminem than others and cannot help it.
JLP: It says in your article you go to Gay clubs. Have you?
Me: Yes?
JLP: Why?
Me: To hang with my friends
JLP: Do you dance with men? (obvious shot)
Me: No
JLP: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: I am dating?
JLP: Do they know about this?
Me: Yes and some have came with me too.
JLP: Are some of them Lesbians?
Me: I have Lesbian friends, yes.
JLP: (groans)

Christian Caller –
Caller: Do you think Homosexuality is a sin?
Me: No I do not. People are born Gay. You cannot help who you are.
JLP: There are no studies of that.
Me: And you think those, “Pray the Gay Away” camps work?
JLP (backing up): Well… the only way that someone can be “born gay” is if the woman is a single mother who is hateful of the man and then passes that spirit to the child.. (I hold the phone and start to bug out laughing)
Me: Do you think someone wakes up and says, “I want to make my life harder?” Come on man, people can’t help who they are. I bet almost every Gay person has wished to be straight at some point because they knew how hard it would be.
JLP: People can be delivered from that…
Me: And I bet those folks are in pain everyday struggling with who they really are.

That was pretty much the highlights of the conversation. I thank God for talking with him because it has prepared me to debate with people of aposing views on a national forum.


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