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Seth Ferranti, journalist and great true crime lit writer, interviewed me about Straight Dope for Gorilla Convict. If you haven’t got a chance to read any of Seth’s work, please do so. It is raw, gut punching realism. Head over to the new “Media” section and click on the Gorilla Convict link to read the interview.

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What I did last summer pt 1

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

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If I could describe myself in one word, it would be “inquisitive.” I have always asked questions because I a m curious about life. How things work, why does he act like that, why is the sky blue, why are women crazy (JK, well kinda…LOL). I have just always wanted to know about things. It is a natural curiousity. I was that kid that would always ask, “Why?” Then when you would tell me, I would counter with, “Why?” Being inquisitive has always been apart of my being and travel has fed that. I have always been facinated by places that I have never been, lands I have never seen. When I was younger, my Mother would always talk of wanting to go to Paris and the Ifel tower and my Father would tell me stories of Brazil and other parts of the world he visited. As I would get older, many Sundays I would grab the paper, take the travel section, sprawl it out on the living room floor, and look at all of the airline specials. There would be deals going to London, Africa, Japan, South America, everywhere and I was amazed. I told myself that one day I would go to alot of those places.

My first time out of the country was a trip. I did a “mini tour” of Europe – London, Paris, Amsterdam, and a brief stop-over in Brussels. It was a blast. Here I am, this young cat from Kansas City, MO maneuvering around Europe by myself (which I would emphasize throughout this) and having crazy fun. Experiencing all of these famous sites – when I seen Big Ben I was bugging, looking at the Effel Tower at night, and seeing the canals in Amsterdam was just aweinspiring. Later I would visit other countries such as Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, and Panama. And though these trips were great, they were short – a week at the most. While traveling I would meet people who had been backpacking for months, going here and there, and I would long for that. I wanted to travel for a long time.

As you all know (and I am not gonna rehash it), your boy went through something’s at the beginning of last year which kinda put my life in a tail spin. But the great thing about God is that whenever you think a door has been closed, another one (or more) have opened up. Looking at my life, I decided to start truly living it on my own terms. My Father would always tell me, “This is your life, you live it how you want to.” So I thought, “What do I really want to do?” And I came up with the answer – backpack for months. Thinking back to that moment as I write this, I was scared and excited all at the same time. Here I was, living in SD, getting ready to give up my apt, and lug a pack throughout somewhere – matter of fact I didn’t even know where!

Many nights I would walk downstairs and visit my good buddy Bill and his oh so awesome girlfriend, oh wait a minute, “lady friend” (because as he would say, we are older now) Lauren, and we would talk shop about politics, music, movies, and everything under the sun. Tonight, I was going to tell them about the trip and my tentative destination – Colombia. Why Colombia you may ask? Well one South America has always showed me love. Peru was just wonderful. The weather was great, the people are nice, and Machu Picchu was amazing. For two, Colombia is beautiful. Great landscapes, architecture, culture, food, but if you know me you know there is another reason – women. Colombian women are very gorgeous and I was amped to meet and hangout with some. As soon as I uttered those words out, Bill flipped and was like, “My man, Colombia is the kidnap capital of the world.” We started to research all of these sites and it said “Colombia is the kidnap capital of the world.” So scratch that, lets look for another place. After round after round of Makers Mark, we settled on Honduras. Now before going there, I knew little about Honduras, other than it being apart of Central America and the place that Left Eye (RIP mama) died. Still, it sounded interesting. I had never been there, if it was wack, I could bounce to another neighboring country, and it was cheap, like 250 – 300 for a one way, so I was set. Got all my affairs in order, sold a gang of stuff, gave even more of it away, put the rest in storage, and crashed at my homegirl Cindy’s house (Hey mama!). Two weeks before I am all set to go – BAM! I get sick. How? Well one night at Nunu’s I ran into this girl (I aint gonna air her out) and we hung out, talked, did something’s (kept it way PG) and within a couple of days I came down with some respiratory infection. So I was sidelined for a minute. Now even though it cost me 100.00 to resch the trip, one thing I have learned was NEVER travel sick. Especially at the place where I was going with the crazy humidity, it wouldn’t have been worth it. So I hoped down to TJ, got some meds, stayed in the bed listening to my ipod and got better.

The days leading up to the trip were crazy because things just sped up. “I gotta go see this person, do this..” All these things I had to handle and I was running out of time. I did do something very important – I ate at Huapangos. Now you are probably like, “Why is eating at a Mexican restaurant important? Well I got a chance to talk with the owner. He is a guy who has traveled, done a lot of cool things, and I kinda look up to him. While over brunch, he told me, “Travel is the best investment you can make in yourself,” and I never forgot that. I still think of that to this day. It really reinforced that I was making the right decision.

The day before I was running around like crazy. I remember I was calm, but at the same time anxious, I could not wait for to get started. I checked my pack, which was waaaayyyyyyy toooo big (I think it ended up around 45 pounds. Why???), made sure my money situation was straight, Ipod was charged, protection was packed (gotta be safe) and made my last rounds. I had a final goodbye at Nunu’s and hung out with my friend the very sweet and awesome Anna. Then I went to bed and had maybe four or five hours of sleep. The next morning, I woke up and was ready to rock.

Next: Honduras, guns, Utila, and why island life is sooooo intoxicating

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Hey all,

I was given the opportunity to speak with Robert Chazz Chute, a crime novelist and journalist about, “Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture.” We had a great time talking about crime, drugs, American politics, and writing. Robert is a real good dude and I look forward to rapping with him again. Peep out the podcast.

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