Straight Dope Excerpt: Phillip, Street Kid

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


Phillip, 24

Latino, calm, street kid

When you drink, the drunk bone is
connected to the drug bone

            I am a native of Tuscon, AZ. I grew up with two older sisters and my Mother. My Father left when I was young, so I really don’t know about him. I came out to California on a split decision. I had been visiting here when I was younger, playing soccer and I liked it. Growing up in Tuscon was rough at times, having a Mom, struggling for a bit here and there, and a little bit of abuse from my Father, but again, I was too young to remember that. Other than that, I had a pretty normal childhood. My relationship with my Sisters is pretty good, I haven’t really talked with them, but were still pretty close. My Mother and I are still good even though we’ve been out of touch.

Being a teenager and partying, I was getting into trouble a lot. In college I was playing soccer and had a back injury, so thats when I started drinking heavy. Got depressed and was frustrated I suppose, just disappointed. I then started to get arrested, a couple of drunk in publics. I wasn’t holding down a job and so I figured at least a change of scenery and moved out to California with a soccer buddy of mine. There I started up messing with drugs again. Back in Tucson, I smoked a little weed, but out here there is better marijuana (laughs).

Coming to SD, we didn’t know anyone so we started camping out, staying where ever we could. Damn. Being in SD, it’s a lot cooler and there is a big cultural difference. More conscience heads, were Tucson was much more mellow, but it could get a little chaotic. In SD, there was just lots of energy.

When you drink, the drunk bone is connected to the drug bone, so once one moves, the other one moves with it. I think that’s what happens with addicts. A lot of times you decide to do something that you normally wouldn’t do, but when you are drunk your guard is down. You think you can try stuff, thats probably how I got started, being in the streets.

My soccer buddy who I played with started using heroin and cocaine and it really scared me, so I backed away from it. I knew that doing that, it was kinda going over the edge. When I first did the heroin, it was euphoric, puts your body in a trance. Probably the most powerful thing I ever did. After that one time with heroin, I had to step back, have a reality check. I was still drinking, but all the harder I could not see myself being hooked. It’s really intense what it puts your body through. It can kill you eventually and that’s what kept it from escalating.

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