Straight Dope Excerpt 3 – C, Marijuana is the savior

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C, 28

Filipino, cool, confident, online marijuana equipment supplier

Marijuana is the savior

I’ve been active in the industry for about four years, the legal marijuana industry. Mostly through accessories, which is apparel, water pipes, and things like that. As I seen the demand growing, this is why I got into selling accessories. You know, everyone’s getting their recommendation cards and that means more people want different ways to smoke it. I would say people are starting to come out of the closet and be proud it, so why not offer apparel, better methods of using the marijuana, and everything from grinders to lighters, to everything.

As like everyone I know, I would say 95% of all my friends grew up around marijuana. Everyone in Southern California knows someone who is using marijuana. It is just a part of Southern California culture. Somebody knows somebody, so why not try it? Now you hear professors using it, law enforcement opening dispensaries. Really? Oh yeah, it goes deep. If everyone’s doing it by the book, there is nothing wrong with it.

The first time I smoked it, I was 13 years old in middle school and everyone’s doing it. The quality of marijuana was real different. We would call it “swag,” because it was darker and had sticks and seeds. We smoked it out of a garden hose attached to a makeshift pipe (laughs), and I remember it didn’t feel good. It gave me a real bad headache almost, but it was only for about a minute or two. I’m wondering why people use this stuff, but as I got older and learned a lot more, I started finding better quality marijuana. People found ways to grown it differently and it would put you in a different state of mind. That’s why I can see people pushing it towards healthcare.

After a little while of smoking, I took a long break. Why? Because it wasn’t legal then and I didn’t want any legal troubles. I know too many people with legal troubles, so I learned from my friends. I have a clean record, everything is clean cut, and I didn’t want something like that ruining it. You would always hear stories like, one joint can get you ten years in jail, people getting screwed over by the system, its their word against yours, you can’t trust them, and corruption, so it’s best to play it safe and not get involved.

I had a friend who had gotten his recommendation, he was telling me the process, and I was like, “Hey I’ll try it, I miss it.” Plus I had a condition, Petalia Formal Syndrom, which is a random sharp pain in my left leg. I couldn’t keep taking Tylenol for the pain, so why not try some other pain remedy? Two days later, I called Medicar in Ocean Beach and asked what the process was. They asked what the condition and if I had proof of it, so I got the records from my doctor, showed them that, did a whole physical check up, and they gave me my recommendation. That’s exactly what it is, a recommendation. The doctors recommend that you should take marijuana for your condition. I then gave them 80 bucks and got a photo ID card and a notarized paper. The whole process took about two hours, now it’s five minutes.

A lot of shops do it differently, but the main thing is that it is a donation (we both laugh). Thats the loophole for California, it’s not selling pot for cash, it’s all non profit. Everything is donated. When you go to a dispensary for the first time, you have to go through a registration process. I’d say it’s about six pages of yes and no questions like don’t sell it to anyone, don’t use it in the parking lot, and keep it in a closed bag if you have it in your car. You also have to let the people in the dispensary if you are with someone. And so you fill out the paperwork and you wait about fifteen minutes, then they let you in. All the dispensaries are pretty busy, I would say on an average day they have about 300 customers or patients (laughs) a day.

With all the legal dispensaries, the dope boys must be hurting….
Oh yeah. That’s what the dispensaries are for, to take it off the black market, to take it off the streets, to have safe access. The marijuana in the streets is blended with stuff and it is not grown properly. The dispensaries have rating systems and labs to test if it grown in specific soil, the THC ratings, and CBD ratings. It’s regulated.
When you go to buy your weed the first time at a dispensary, you are just amazed at all of this marijuana you will see. I’m talking pounds of it. And not just bud, but different types of food, lotion, soap, you name it, they have it. You don’t even have to smoke it! Being in the marijuana industry, it’s a true counter culture. People trade receipes…it is a fun industry to be in. Next month, The High Times Cannabis Cup is coming to LA for the first time. It’s getting big.

Can you smoke at the conventions?
If you have you have your medical card you can. They’ll be places outside setup, but most of the time you’ll see people eating it, taking pills. I would say 60% of the people smoke it and 40% take it alternative ways by eating, lotions, and sprays like banacha.

In California, everything comes from up north. Thats were the good stuff is grown – The Green Triangle and everything flows down south. Coming from San Diego and hearing about the good stuff in LA, I went to a dispensary and found that they had a promotion: If you bought so much weed, you would get a pipe. I got the pipe and it was okay, really didn’t like it so I sold it. I could not believe the amount of interest in the water pipe, so when I saw the demand, marijuana getting legal, more and more people want items to smoke with, and right there, I knew people would want to buy this stuff. It clicked right there, people are going to want everything that is related to marijuana – shirts, hats, smoking tools. From there I applied for the business license, told them I was doing cannabis themed clothing, water pipes for medicimal use, and everything legally. It’s been a fun ride.

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