The Road to Straight Dope Part 3: Let the games begin…….

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Need to smile more……

After posting on Craigslist for a couple of weeks, I received my first response: A young couple who had experiences with drugs and were in treatment. I became really excited – there was some motion here! The first initial meet went pretty good, but it was ackward. I did not have a tape recorder, didn’t know what questions to ask, and was kinda nervous. Here I am, writing a book on drugs and having to ask people about a point in their life that they are trying to get passed. During the first meet, as I am feverishly trying to write everything that was said, the young lady interrupted and said, “Sweetie, you may want to get a tape recorder.” Ha! Thats how “green” I was. And within the next couple of days, I purchased a digital one (technology. I remember the ones with just tapes……).

The first interview went really well. Stories and tales of this and that were flowing. I wanted to make sure that they were as comfortable as they possibly could and also that they were in a “No judgment zone.” I am here to listen, not pass judgments or say anything negative about your life. After the 2 + hours of the interview, I was spent, but so pumped. I had been listening to two stories of drug abuse, heartache, and redemption. I thought to myself, ” I have look at something happy or light. This became a pattern after I would talk to people and their stories that were very negative and sad. There were times after an interview with someone, I would have their story on my mind for a long time. Even now, some of the stories are sticking with me.

In writing the book, to gain trust with some of the people, I told them that anything criminal or that could get them prosecuted, I would omit or change some of the details. I am not a police officer and I am not trying to send any one to jail. Some of the stories were real like that! At one point, I asked one of the participants about a crime and there was something said that I cannot print and we moved on quickly. Another point was that anything that was really sensitive or involved others, I did not add. I remember talking to someone and they revealed something that happened to a family member during their story. I stopped the tape recorder and looked out into the sky, as to assess what was told to me. There was a long moment of silence and I then told her, “I am not going to put this in there.” She nodded and we slowly resumed. Some of the stories were just like that. Can you imagine listening to story after story like that and it not get to you? Yeah, tough.


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