The Road to Straight Dope pt. 2 – You want me to write what???

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A writer at work……

The thing about writing the book was that I wanted an air of authenticity. I wanted this book to be pensive, powerful, and real. No softening of the topics or stories, but the truth. A book that you could put down, walk away from, and think to yourself, “Whoa.”  A book that even after reading it, you are thinking about it for hours, even days.

After deciding the subject, I started to work on how to assemble it. Even though the meat of the book is interviewing and me listening, I wanted to interject who I was and let the reader get to know me. Again, I am a writer, and just asking questions and transposing them on paper isn’t exactly writing. So what I did was told stories of my childhood, raised in the ghetto around drug addicts, my experiences with drugs, and deciding when to put them down and escape possible addiction.

In addition my stories, I also added poems based on the chapters of the book. Sometimes before I would start working on a script, to sharpen myself up, I would write a poem. I looked at it like an exercise, or like a warm up. When I was in highschool taking creative writing with the Great Stan Banks, he would always have us do this, and I am happy to say I still use this practice to this day.

With the outline set, the only thing for me to do is: find the people to talk to! That would be a bit of a challenge. I can’t go up to an average stranger and ask them, “So, have you ever did coke or shot H?” I mean come on, who does that? So using the power of the web, I hit up Craigslist. Now, the average cat uses CL to look for apartments, cars, jobs, dates…  but I was looking for subjects. At first I put an ad up asking for people to speak with me regarding their experiences with drugs in exchange for $20, but that got expensive. So slowly but surely, the payment was reduced from 20 to 10 to 5, to just a cup of coffee and great conversation.  People were slow to respond, but I kept trucking until I was able to my first interview.


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